IÜL – The Moving Teahouse

We have the wonderful opportunity to perform at the anniversary BOOM Festival taking place between the 22nd and 29th of July 2022.

IÜL, in short, is this: the wave walker of collective dreams emerging as dance, a visible creature and an invisible landscape, weird and beautiful, the chocolate and the recycled life, the oldest land animal having more legs with age, aaand none of this but a wild poem written with the breath.

IÜL is a living being, a millipede-dream moving across the land with butoh dancers and being moved into one sennight dance by all who share presence with it. She is the home giving shade and reveries in sunlight and curls up to bring insight, tea, and cacao in dark. IÜL represents those magic moments uncatchable with any form of control, she is the unknown synchronicity of mind-bodies and body-minds. She lives beyond and through us. As a natural-born seeker of magnetism with sense organs we are about to discover, she senses and mirrors when the constellation is ready. In this micro-universe constellations are us, moving cells with minds in a state of constant change.
Here is what to keep in mind about her who is breathing:
– if you can call an animal or human being site-specific, well, she is, the skin, an interface, the waters, the gluon field between you and me, the thing!
– she can adopt various appearances according to connections around, a bit like a chameleon with million legs
– her aliveness is interdependent on the surrounding life-world, yet her essence never changes because She is “is”, the being 0
– She is intense, sensible, and precise with love being a state of awareness

– She serves dance, cacao, and tea in ceremonial ways
– the voice of Her is alive, instrumental, coming from the most surprising organs
– she is She

Together with The Ronins, our 2022 creation brings you a space of secular ecology of mind-body where we offer all the above and mostly our sensible presence for a dance continuum. Let there be subtle visions! Let there be the echoing form and formlessness of dance and music! At last, we wish you to find IÜL, and to be crazy-wise-honest in Her mirror!

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