At Valdštejnská lodžie – kulturní imaginárium

19th Sept/19th Oct 2019, Jičín, Czech Republic

The Ronins were invited for the collaboration at Mala Inventura on 19th September organized by the legendary Valdštejnská lodžie – kulturní imaginárium in Jičín, Czech Republic.

On our first visit four Ronins toured from Hungary across the small, hilly roads in
North-East Czech Republic to attend the opening performance of Mala Inventura festival on 19th September. The co-creation was brought alive with artists Petr Nikel, Anna Štěpánová, Máša Pupík Rellichová, Jakub Šulík and Jakub Müller in the performance “The way to the dark world”.

On our second visit three of us joined Slavnost stromu on 19th October, the Celebration of Trees with a dance stretched across the land below lodžie, the late residence of Duke Albrecht von Wallenstein. The waves of movements were to find the dance of the trees with puppet maker Katanari, musician Lukáš Pelc, and dancers Máša Pupík Rellichová and the Ronins.

Photography: Ondřej Vraštil