Who are we?

We are an international collective of dancers who all have started to explore reality and perception through the bodily language of the Japan-born ANKOKU BUTŌ, and most of us met in a dance school in Dharamshala, India. After three years, the collective has awakened to its own constellation of dance and community under the name NOBÔDIES RŌNIN in 2019, which moved us into traveling and creating onsite dances together with the unspoken geographical, biological and anthropological localities.

We have become the wandering storytellers of embedded history and future, ever looking for and being the waves of change. Diversity and metamorphosis are essential parts of our practice, through which the life of a RŌNIN is not set to a common goal but lived as a process of becoming and dissolving qualities in order to understand and sustain life in its most natural way. Walking this path means re-finding ways of health, joy and coexistence while understanding the dynamics of duality.